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Masato & Friends ft. C3 – “Ode To Joy”

Based in Tokyo, this multi-talented composer, pianist, vocalist and art director studied classical piano as a child. After graduating from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, he worked as an account executive. Aged 27 he self-taught himself piano and won many eminent competitions. Currently he composes music for the media, as well as for other artists, in wide-ranging genres from classical to pop, jazz and EDM.

7 singers, 4 musicians and 14 dancers from around the world came together through a crowdsourcing site and created something extraordinary. Based on Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Masato conceived an incredibly joyous, funkalicious groove. And with the stunning lead vocals of C3 navigating the exuberant horns and lively piano, this worldwide, Internet-based musical project is an astonishing sonic achievement.

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