In The Spotlight

Laura Valentine – “Falling For You”

Raised in the Spanish sunshine of Madrid, this London-based singer and songwriter was born into a musical family. She found her singing voice at a young age. For 6 years she was a member of the gospel choir Spirit To All until she moved to the UK to study at London’s Academy of Contemporary Music. Inspired by Tori Kelly, Sara Bareilles and Janelle Monáe, she debuted with “Desires” in 2018.

In these dark times we need a feel-good pop song to strengthen our spirits and her new single delivers that in spades. Her second single, three years after her debut, arrives just in time. With a sprightly electro rhythm and a warming LGBT love story, this delightful earworm feels like a much needed hug. And with her stunning, endearing vocals, this lavish tune is both inspirational and uplifting.

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