In The Spotlight

Adam Douglas – “Build A Fire”

Growing up in Oklahoma, USA, this singer and songwriter draws inspiration from a tasty melting pot of music and culture, ranging from Howlin’ Wolf to Tom Petty and Ray Charles. A move to Norway in 2007 added another layer to his eclectic sound. He expertly mixes elements of soul, gospel, jazz, country, R&B and roots music and debuted his rich sound on the EP “Your One And Only Man” in 2013.

Dedicated to his wife and with genuine emotion and love running through its sonic veins, his new single blends lyrical authenticity with an ingenious brew of musical essences. Taken from his upcoming album “Better Angels”, expected on May 3rd, the primarily classic STAX-like soul is seasoned with a pinch of country zest. From the blazing horns to the hot 90s-styled guitar solo, this jam is on fire!

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