In The Spotlight

JUICYPEAR – “Keep Your Love On”

Started in 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, this husband and wife duo tried to lift people’s spirits with their soulful, power-pop tunes. Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda hail from Southern-California and dedicated their first three releases to lyrically capturing their first year of marriage. Adding a touch of their native SoCal sunshine, they debuted with their disco-tinged single “Golden Sky”.

With a sleek disco rhythm, funkalicious guitar riffs and a neon, 80s vibe, their new single catches various musical elements and brings them together in a vintage-dipped, shimmering soundscape. And with the addition of her sultry, soulful vocals singing the relatable lyrics about growing together as a couple, this tune is brimming with an entrancing and flirtatious intensity you have to love.

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