In The Spotlight

Shallow Pools – “Glow”

Hailing from Boston, three of the four band members started playing music together back in 2012. Consisting of Jess Gromada, Glynnis Brennan, Ali Ajemian and now enriched with bassist Haley Senft, they soak modern indie-pop in a generous bath of 80s synths and sprinkle it with empowerment. Compared to HAIM, The Aces and Alanis Morisette, they debuted the song “It’s A You Thing” in 2018.

Choosing shimmering synth chords and a bright beat from their sonic palette to paint the initial auditory strokes on their musical canvas, their new single gives off an 80s, pastel vibe, while keeping a foothold in the here-and-now. Bursting to life in the colorful chorus, the decennary influences can be felt simultaneously. Artfully intertwined, this resplendent groove is positively glowing.

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