In The Spotlight

Georg’ Estelle – “Taste Of You”

Born on the English Riviera and raised near the Italian Dolomites, this singer, songwriter and dancer moved to London to pursue her musical dreams. Having embraced the urge to perform since she was 2, she’s now focusing her creativity on music. She’s performed her jazz-infused, Neo-soul/pop blend at festivals like Electric Dreams and HotVox. She released her debut single “Focused” in 2019.

The shimmering synths at the start feel like taking the track’s pulse, before her new single properly comes to life with delicious retro-R&B fervor. Radiating a mellow mood from the rolling rhythm, sunny bass plucks and the multi-vocal harmonies, it’s her seductive, silken voice singing about new love and living life to the fullest, that makes this bubbly & flirtatious musical morsel very tasty indeed.

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