In The Spotlight

Taylor Red – “Rent Free”

Based in Nashville, these fun-loving country-pop triplets are not only vocalists and songwriters, but also gifted multi-instrumentalists, playing guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin. Initially finding fame on TikTok, Nicole, Natalie and Nika Taylor amassed over 10 million loyal followers. They’ve opened for Amy Grant, Charlie Daniels and Don Williams and debuted with “Fresh Off The Farm” in 2020.

Injecting the vibrant melody with some contemporary country spirit, their new single is a zesty hayride of auditory merriment. Initially staying true to the classic country tones by starting with colorful guitar strums and their multi-layered harmonies, it’s the addition of a rich beat in the joyful chorus, that infuses the tune with pure energy and will let you live in their soundscape rent free.

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