In The Spotlight

Miranda Joan – “My Muse”

Born in Mortreal and raised in Vancouver, this soulstress incorporates her varied upbringing from both French and English backgrounds into her music. She moved to New York City to hone her extensive skills, playing venues like Rockwood Music Hall and Rough Trade. Inspired by legends as Stevie Wonder and Carole King as well as current stars like Erykah Badu, she debuted with her EP “Still” in 2017.

Paying homage to her love of music, her new single chronicles how a song can heal any bumps and bruises. Taken from her album “Windborne”, this alluring jam smoothly fuses elements of R&B, Neo-Soul and jazz into a bundle of sonic elegance. With shimmering synths, crisp guitars and bubbly rhythm accompanying her soulful and warm vocals, this enchanting tune sounds truly timeless.

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