In The Spotlight

Hayley Wallis – “Not That Serious”

Part of the Kitasoo/Xais’xais Nation, this Canadian singer and songwriter started singing at a young age, performing for her family and community. Now based in Vancouver, she balances her life as a young mother with her musical aspirations. She already amassed a fan-base by posting covers on YouTube. Inspired by TLC, Destiny’s Child and Whitney Houston, she debuted with “Coffee Cup” in 2021.

Reminding the listener the importance of life is to be found in the little things and not to take it too seriously, her new single encourages self-care and self-forgiveness. Taken from her debut EP “Halulu”, meaning butterfly in her native language, the track fuses the best of R&B, soul and gospel into an easy-going delight. With mellow keys, soft rhythm and crisp horns, this is filled with smooth grooves.

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