In The Spotlight

MANE – “Breathing Again”

Born in Adelaide as Paige Court, this Australian singer and songwriter started teaching herself guitar aged 16. While studying media arts at university, she began seriously pursuing a musical career. Since then she’s performed at festivals like Groovin’ The Moo alongside The Wombats and Meg Mac. Inspired by Hayley Williams, Billie Eilish and Lorde, she debuted with “What If The Love Dies” in 2017.

Written about the ability to look back and reflect on the past, rather than letting it consume you, her new single is an impassioned pop anthem. Starting smoothly with a mellow piano and her enchanting voice, the song ascends to cinematic heights in the rousing chorus. With catchy hooks, energetic drums and her vitalizing vocal power, this rich tune is a modern take on sparkling neon 80s pop.

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