In The Spotlight

Begonia – “The Only One”

Born as Alexa Dirks in Winnipeg, this eclectic Canadian singer-songwriter grew up in a music-loving family. When straying from Christian music, she draws inspiration from a genre-spanning mix; from The Beatles to Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder. She been touring for many years as part of bands, most notably Chic Gamine. Venturing on a solo path, she debuted with “Gun Has No Trigger” in 2016.

Dusting off a glitterball and singing about feeling anxiety from peer pressure to join the club scene and party, although you don’t want to, her new single is a catchy amalgam of dance and pop with a sprinkling of nu-disco. Taken from her album “Powder Blue”, it’s the stout beat, the shimmer of the synths and retro violins supporting her powerful vocals, that make this a dance-floor banger.

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