In The Spotlight

Kubla – “The Farmer”

Born on the West-Coast and based in Toronto, this soulful Canadian singer and songwriter was raised by musician parents. With a background in jazz and songwriting and being a gifted guitarist, he moved to Toronto to build a career. Initially busking and taking every gig offered, he started to hone his craft. Inspired by John Mayer, D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder, he debuted with “Changes” in 2019.

Creating a silken sonic soundscape from expertly layered instrumentation and poetic, honest lyrics, his new single intuitively blends smooth pop, classic soul and laid-back jazz. With a mellow percussion, plush organ and rich, full-bodied horns forging a temporary auditory escape from reality, it’s his sultry vocals and warm harmonies that fill this lively smooth groove with pure soul-steeped artistry.

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