In The Spotlight

Deva Mahal – “Snakes”

As the daughter of blues legend Taj Mahal and Inshirah Mahal, who is a dancer, artist and educator, this singer/songwriter was born with the blues running through her veins. She cultivated her own unique style by taking the blues of her life’s experiences of equal parts of pain, joy, love and heartache and evolved it with soul, indie-pop, R&B and gospel into an extraordinary sound.

The first taster of her debut EP is a powerful musical morsel of impassioned blues, infused with classic soul and funk flavours. Gospel-style handclaps and harmonies light the way for her sensational, potent and intoxicating voice to take center-stage. With compelling, driving percussion and upbeat, rousing instrumentation it shows to be a true musical masterpiece.

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Music History

George Duke – “Shine On”

From his album “Dream On” (1982):

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New Music

Anjulie – “Criminal”

This is the new single by Los Angeles-based songstress Anjulie:

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Birthday Song

Lyle Lovett – “Penguins”

Happy birthday to Mr. Lyle Lovett, who is 60 today.

From his album “I Love Everybody” (1994):

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Music History

Regina – “Baby Love”

From her album “Curiosity” (1986):

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New Music

Matt Terry – “Sucker For You”

From his upcoming album “Trouble” to be released on 24 November 2017:

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