In The Spotlight

Bo Haan – “Racha”

This versatile Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist is not just one half of the electro funk-pop duo The Blemish, but also knows just how to hit the right groovy note as a solo artist. Although he’s had a keen interest in music since childhood, he ended up as an attorney; a career he eventually traded for music professionally in 2015.

This hot and sexy track is a steamy funkilicious jam with an unequivocal retro Prince-inspired feel. Although the sweaty, erotic vibe will make you feel amorous, it’s actually an ode to the hot sauce Sriracha. With an infectious electro-funk beat and suave, sensual vocals it’s a spicy taster of the neon-filled retrofuture which is his new album “Bedroom Amateur”.

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Music History

Patrice Rushen – “Watch Out”

From her album “Watch Out!” (1987):

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New Music

NorthKid – “Firefly”

This is the debut single by brand new, five-piece Norwegian band NorthKid:

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Birthday Song

Simple Minds – “All The Things She Said”

Happy birthday to Mr. Charlie Burchill, guitarist with Simple Minds, who is 58 today.

From their album “Once Upon A Time” (1985):

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Music History

Lonnie Gordon – “Happenin’ All Over Again”

From her album “If I Have To Stand Alone” (1990):

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New Music

Catherine McGrath – “Thought It Was Gonna Be Me”

This is the new single by Irish country songbird Catherine McGrath:

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