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Steffen Morrison – “Takin’ Me Higher”

This Dutch soulman grew up in Suriname, lived in Los Angeles for a few years, but has now found his base in Amsterdam. Influenced by soul legends such as James Brown, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, he discovered his own soul-infused identity. After performing live with Joss Stone and Raphael Saadiq and releasing a few singles, his debut EP “Just Another Man” saw the light in 2016.

He is one of the front-runners of artists who can take you back to the time of Motown and Stax with a pure retro soul sound, but make it sound fresh and exciting at the same time. His new single is drenched in those vintage grooves. With an infectious rhythm, inspiring choir-style harmonies, sexy horns and his vibrant, edgy vocals, you just want to soak yourself in these uplifting, soulful tones.

From his upcoming album “Movin’ On”, to be released 30 March 2018:

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