In The Spotlight

Big Sam’s Funky Nation – “Buzzin'”

Over a decade ago Big Sam, a New Orleans-native singer and trombonist, formed his band to indulge in the wide-ranging world of music. Mixing funk, rock ‘n’ roll, hiphop and jazz with the brassy influence of their hometown, they created an invigorating powerfunk sound. They love to tour with their energetic stage show, engaging with their exhilarated audience from festivals to rock clubs.

The first taster of their forthcoming album is a high-powered funk fest with lots of pep. It’s instantly thrilling with bouncy bass slaps and their Zapp-like talkbox vocals, but it soon bursts to life with some fiery, full-bodied brass, sweeping guitar riffs and contagious keys. Singing about hot, intoxicating love on the dance floor, its electrifying, funkalicious vibe will have you buzzin’ all night long.

From their upcoming album “Songs In The Key Of Funk”, to be released on 4 May 2018:

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