In The Spotlight

Honeycraft – “Crystal Ball”

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area and now residing in Los Angeles, Catherine Rose Smith aka Honeycraft drew inspiration from disco diva’s such as Diana Ross and Donna Summer. She enveloped herself in the colorful hues of 70s funk and disco and 90s indie pop to create a fresh, atmospheric dream-disco sound. Her debut single “Shelter” introduced her world of ethereal disco in 2017.

Through a cosmic and ambient veil of tranquil synths you enter her realm of smooth, rhythmic tones which is the title track of her debut EP. While always holding on to that airy, laid-back feel, she injects some effervesant 70s disco vibes from a soft bass and sleek percussion into the mix. Add a glitter ball and a fog machine and it’s a polished nu-disco tune to dream away and slow-dance to.

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