In The Spotlight

Marie Naffah – “Let Me Wilt”

When she uploaded a YouTube video back in 2014, this London-based singer and songwriter could not possibly have imagined what would follow. Within weeks she was named MTV’s Unsigned Artist Of The Year and a star was born. Now, after creating a project focussing on disability in the music industry and selling out London’s The Lexington, she’s ready to officially release her debut single.

This masterful debut kicks off with a smooth, acoustic piano and a soft cymbal accompanying her impassioned, soulful vocal flair. It’s followed by the swelling sounds of perky percussion and stylish violins, laying the foundation for her enchanting, yet booming voice to sing the poetically crafted, encouraging lyrics, making this an extraordinary neo-soul trip, which won’t wilt, but bloom!

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Music History

Katrina & The Waves – “Is That It?”

From their album “Waves” (1986):

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New Music

Chromeo – “Bad Decision”

From their upcoming album “Head Over Heels”, to be released on 15 June 2018:

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