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Sheila & The Kit – “Time Again”

Bo Koek and Suzanne Kipping wanted to create a live act with music that they themselves would dance to. With the added musicality of Ralf Pouw and Chris Doyle this infectious Dutch synthpop band from Amsterdam was born. They created a nostalgia-dipped, synth-driven sound, soaked in the colorful 80s and introduced it on their debut single “Homeschool Sweethearts” back in 2017.

Their latest single takes the listener on a neon-laced journey without the need for a Delorean. Dipping their signature synths in more poppy 80s hues, it’s a high-energy, musical pastiche of the neon decade. Reminiscent of the feelgood pop of Madonna or Whitney Houston, it also has a slight italo-disco vibe, making it a catchy retro dancefloor filler you want to hear time and time again.

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Music History

Wendy & Lisa – “Waterfall”

From their self-titled debut album (1987):

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New Music

John Mayer – “New Light”

This is the new single by singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer John Mayer:

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