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Ian Guerin – “A Different Affair”

Born in Mexico, but now based in Los Angeles, this award-winning singer, songwriter and producer recorded his first song when he was 9. He made his first professional impression on the music scene in 2010, with the release of his debut single “Bubblegum”. Influenced by legends such as Michael Jackson, James Brown and Van Morrison, his sound is R&B/Soul, laced with jazz and blues touches.

The second taster of his forthcoming sophomore album is driven by a retro-disco beat and 70s-style violins. With plucky guitars, vibrant hand-claps and an infectious hook teasing the senses, his luscious, soul-dripping R&B vocals add a more contemporary layer to the vintage vibe of the instrumentation. It’s an exhilarating, polished and zesty disco/soul tune, which sounds ear-poppingly refreshing.

From his upcoming album “Irreplaceable”, to be released late Summer 2018:

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Music History

Nina Hatchwell – “Hey There Boy”

From her EP “Nina’s” (2012):

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New Music

Next To Neon – “Fashion”

This is the second single of Swedish singer/songwriter Rasmus Viberg aka Next To Neon:

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