In The Spotlight

Mo Brandis – “Think”

This London-based singer/songwriter traveled the world with his charity and music loving parents, soaking up influences from Swaziland to Germany. He’s spent most of his career writing award-winning songs for others and touring extensively as the front man of soul/funk outfit Incognito. He released his debut solo single “Undercover” in 2017, introducing his sound of soul, electro-funk and pop.

The smooth electro-funk beat of his new single is enticing and inviting, before bursting out in a lively contemporary chorus full of electrifying R&B-inspired bounce. The ingenious blend of rousing retro-funk and state-of-the-art electro feels powerful, uplifting and intoxicating. With his alluring, soul-tinged vocals coalescing with the mighty melody, it’s a funky feast of rejuvenating summery vibes.

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Music History

Dobie Gray – “You Can Do It”

From his album “Midnight Diamond” (1978):

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New Music

Madeline Merlo – “Neon Love”

This is the new single by Canadian country songstress Madeline Merlo:

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