In The Spotlight

Whitney Fenimore – “Stones”

This American singer/songwriter grew up in Tulsa, singing in church and playing in Christian bands. Committing herself fully to a music career, she started focussing on mainstream music. After a rough period in her life of depression and anxiety, she entered The Voice US in 2017. With a blend of country, rock, pop and folk, she’s just released her EP “Battle Within”, inspired by her life’s trials.

The exhilarating, boot-stompin’ rhythm of her latest single delivers a mighty message of empowerment. The eclectic mix of the compelling, enveloping beat, gentle piano, slick tambourine and a sliver of violins creates an anthemic instrumentation for her ardent, efficacious vocals with a contrasting, emotive quality to truly make this vivacious, heart-pounding powerhouse come to life.

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Music History

Kool & The Gang – “Rags To Riches”

From their album “Everything Is Kool & The Gang: Greatest Hits & More” (1988):

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New Music

The Kooks – “All The Time”

From their upcoming album “Lets Go Sunshine”, to be released on 31 August 2018:

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