In The Spotlight

Johnny Stimson – “Flower”

This Dallas, TX native singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter not only managed to get his music used in TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Trophy Wife, but got himself a live show booked in London and got noticed by Elton John. Influenced by the likes of Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson and Frank Ocean, he forged an eclectic pop sound with a sense of soul and debuted with “So Good” in 2015.

His latest single is a buttery smooth slice of soulful R&B with an organic vulnerability and sheer beauty. Shaping a sensual soundscape with a mild rhythm, gentle electric guitar and velvety harmonies, it’s his silky, infatuating vocals, singing about life’s moments that are so perfect you just want them to last, that take this tune, waters it and make it bloom into a rainbow of magical, aural colors.

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