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The Tribe Of Good – “Broken Toys”

Build around a quartet of producers, combined with an ever changing list of well-known featured musicians and singers, this London-based Music Collective takes a sonic journey across the genres. They debuted with their EP “Loving You Baby” in 2017. Finding inspiration in retro soul and disco, as well as 70s electro and 90s trip-hop, they’re currently putting the final touches on their debut album.

Paying tribute to the classic Motown sound of yesteryear, they enlisted the incredible voice of child-singer Eshan Gopal on their latest single. Melodically capturing a 60s-styled sunshiny exuberance, the happiness-inducing beat and joyous horns sound exhilarating, while the spirited, young Michael Jackson-like vocals truly make your heart sing, shaping a jam Berry Gordy himself would be proud of.

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Music History

Joan Armatrading – “Drop The Pilot”

From her album “The Key” (1983):

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New Music

Ben L’Oncle Soul – “Next To You”

This is the new velvety smooth single by French soul singer Ben L’Oncle Soul:

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