In The Spotlight

Kizzy Crawford – “Twenty Years”

This young Welsh singer and songwriter won several competitions, which financed the release of her debut EP “Temporary Zone” in 2013. Since then she’s performed at a multitude of festivals like Glastonbury and London Jazz and toured around Canada. Inspired by the sounds of Joni Mitchell, Jamiroquai and Anita Baker, she’s been exciting global audiences with her lavish pop, jazz and soul blend.

Showcasing her mindblowing talent for sophisticated songwriting, her new single is an extraordinary amalgam of multiple musical layers. Teasing her upcoming album “The Way I Dream”, expected to drop in October, it merges pop, soul, jazz and funk tints into a magnificent auditory delight. Filled with big brass, hot rhythm and her wide-ranging vocals, this will still resonate 20 years from now.

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Music History

Del Amitri – “Kiss This Thing Goodbye”

From their album “Waking Hours” (1989):

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New Music

Natalie Shay – “People Like Me”

Wrapped in perky 80s pop vibes, this is the new single by award-winning artist Natalie Shay:

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