In The Spotlight

Cassia – “Movers & Shapers”

Hailing from Macclesfield, this British trio, consisting of Rob Ellis, Lou Cotterill and Jake Leff, built up quite a fan base since their 2016 debut single “Moana”. They’ve taken their calypso-flavored pop-rock sound on the road, both in the UK as in Europe playing sold-out headline shows, getting over 3 million Spotify streams and they are about to play at London’s The Garage and Manchester’s O2 Ritz.

With a touch of the African tribal pop of Johnny Clegg, their new single mixes an invigorating beat and a cheerful guitar, before introducing the buoyant, indie-pop chorus and conjuring up sheer sparkling sunshine. Taken from their debut full-length album “Replica”, this effervescent tune radiates a joyous vibe, while tugging at your feet to start moving and shaping a permanent smile on your face.

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Music History

Eurythmics – “Revival”

From their album “We Too Are One” (1989):

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New Music

Razorlight – “Cops & Robbers”

Filled with a playful piano and sprightly pop tones, this is the new single by Razorlight:

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