In The Spotlight

Thomas Oliver – “Bulgarian Mountains”

Born in New Zealand, this award-winning singer and songwriter is one of the world’s leading players of the Weissenborn lap-slide guitar. With a sound mixing elements of soul, roots and folk, he’s created an impressive solo career, as well as becoming a celebrated vocalist on several drum ‘n’ bass productions. He’s won the APRA Silver Scroll Award in 2015 for his single “If I Move To Mars”.

Teasing the upcoming release of his album “The Brightest Light”, expected in March 2020, his new single chronicles the story of love at first sight with a Bulgarian girl in Amsterdam. With a bouncy beat and refreshing acoustic guitar giving it an airy feel and sleek horns adding a soulful edge, it has a revitalizing radiance. And with his sunny and crisp vocals, this jam reaches the highest peak.

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Music History

Lisa Stansfield – “The Line”

From her album “Lisa Stansfield” (1997):

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New Music

Ben Platt – “Rain”

With a punchy pop chorus and heartwrenching lyrics, this is the new single by vocalist and actor Ben Platt:

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