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Leanne Tennant – “Bring It All Back”

Although born in England, this globetrotting singer and songwriter moved to Papua New Guinea when she was 2 and on to Australia aged 9. She grew up surrounded by music from Classical to Bob Marley. She debuted with her 2015 album “Pull Up Your Britches”, but it was her next album “Red Wine Late Nights” in 2016 which led to critical acclaim. In 2018 she won the renowned Carol Lloyd Award.

Chronicling a dialogue between two parties with opposite opinions, her new single manages to marry blues and pop without contention. The initial guitar lick has a touch of country to it, but that gets quickly overtaken by the boisterous bassline and the potent percussion. And with the 80s-dipped rhythmic soundwave carrying her crisp, sweltering vocals, this is a stunning and spirited pop jam.

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Music History

Alexander O’Neal – “Love Makes No Sense”

From his album “Love Makes No Sense” (1993):

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New Music

Astèr Fekre – “Coffee”

With buttery-smooth R&B vibes, this is the new single by Dutch songstress Astèr Fekre:

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