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Ciara Vizzard – “Is It Okay”

This globetrotting singer and songwriter was born in America, grew up in Paris, lived in Belfast, before settling near London. Her nomadic childhood fueled a plethora of experiences which found their way into her authentic lyricism. In 2017 she released her acclaimed debut EP “Fearless”. Influenced by Nat King Cole, as well as The Spice Girls, she wraps her lyrics in a melodious pop/soul blend.

Opening with smooth, enchanting guitar plucks, her new single is a ravishing R&B gem from the very first note. While the multi-layered, dynamic backing vocals line the aural atmosphere and the easygoing percussion gently bounces along, it’s her sublime, honey-dripping vocals that are putting a spell on your eardrums. Singing about being honest about mixed feelings, this is a mellow treat.

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Music History

Billy Ocean – “Mystery Lady”

From his album “Suddenly” (1984):

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New Music

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Want You In My Room”

From her album “Dedicated” (2019):

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