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Typh Barrow – “Doesn’t Really Matter”

Born in Brussels as Tiffany Baworowski, this Belgian songstress started early when she began playing piano aged 5 and writing her first song aged 12. Influenced by the music of classics such as Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, as well as contemporary artists like John Legend and Jessie Ware, she shapes soul-infused pop, with jazz & blues hues. She released her debut single “Your Turn” in 2012.

Adding some gospel tones to her explosive soulful sound, her new single is a spectacular auditory fireworks display. With a slight touch of Tom Jones’ “Sexbomb”, the lively rhythm and electronic guitar strums instantly take a backseat to her raw and passionate vocal prowess, which takes your eardrums by storm. Creating an exhilarating melodic sparkler, this is a powerful piece of punchy pop.

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Music History

Jackson Browne – “For America”

From his album “Lives In The Balance” (1986):

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New Music

Faye B – “The New Old Me”

From her upcoming debut album “The New Old Me”, to be released early 2020:

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