In The Spotlight

D’Sound – “Powerful”

Formed in 1993, this Oslo-based trio progressed from rehearsing in a damp basement to becoming a major player on the Norwegian music scene. With their distinct fusion of acid jazz, soul, funk and pop, they debuted with “Real Name” in 1996, which hit the pop charts. In March 2019 they took part in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing third with “Mr. Unicorn”.

Taken from their eighth album “Unicorn”, their new single is filled with an abundance of auditory appeal. From the mellow rhythm to the warmth of the synths, the seductive vibes of this satiny smooth groove cuddle up to your eardrums, while the silky, flirtatious vocals of Mirjam Omdal add some sexy spice to this titillating taste of what majestic Norwegian soul & funk is supposed to sound like.

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Music History

Babyface – “We’ve Got Love”

From his album “Return Of The Tender Lover” (2015):

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New Music

Magdalena Bay – “Good Intentions”

With an ethereal feel and a vintage bouncy beat, this is the new single by retro-dipped duo Magdalena Bay:

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