In The Spotlight

Brae Leni – “Make Sho'”

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, this multi-talented musician is more than a singer and songwriter. He is also a DJ, owner of a professional recording studio and manager of his own handpicked band. Created in 2012 as SOULUTION, they’re now known as The Blackout. Influenced by the greats like The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and John Legend, his soulful creativity knows no bounds.

Pumping some serious discolicious vibes from the glitterball grooves, his new single is made for endless dancefloor fun. Dipped in glorious 70s rays, it kicks off with some funkalicious guitar strums and a punchy beat, which are driven by a bouncy bass line. With his suave, soul-soused vocals and the exhilarating electric guitar solo, this funky tune is filled with passionate, vintage glitz.

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