In The Spotlight

A Is For Arrows – “Without You”

This Toronto-based electro-pop duo, consisting of singer Alessia Balasbas and guitarist Eric Robbs, met in 2009. Although they couldn’t more different, their musical bond causes a chemistry that resonates in every note they create. They started covering bands they loved and have been touring for the past 10 years. Now with a new name and a new sound, they are ready to take on the world.

Their lavish debut single forges an intricate dreamscape, in which your ears can easily get lost. Teasing their first EP “Roses”, due in early 2020, the mellow rhythms, slick synths and electronic effects create a delicate auditory backdrop, while the ethereal vocals stroke your soul. And with a punchy chorus fusing both the lyrical darkness as the positive undertone, this is a celestial aural experience.

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Music History

Madcon – “Keep My Cool”

Turning up the vibes to funk factor 10, this is a non-album single from 2015 by Norwegian hitmakers Madcon:

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New Music

Yola – “I Don’t Wanna Lie”

From the deluxe edition of her debut album “Walk Through Fire” (2019):

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