In The Spotlight

Francesco Yates – “I Got You”

Inspired by the movie “School Of Rock”, this Canadian vocalist, songwriter and musician has been making music since the age of 11. By 16 he had scored a record deal with Atlantic Records. Endorsed by the likes of Pharrell Williams and influenced by the music of artists such as Prince, Queen and Michael Jackson, he showed his skillful musicality and lyricism on his debut single “Call” in 2014.

Now releasing his music independently, his new single is a swoony, soulful stroll through a vintage forest of smooth and seductive beauty. The organic sound of the natural instrumentation, forged by the gentle percussion, mellow keys and crisp guitars, lays down a flirtatious vibe, while his irresistible, soul-dripping vocals add a sexy allure to this amorous soundscape that will enchant any eardrum.

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