In The Spotlight

Emily Zeck – “Run Right Back”

Hailing from Vero Beach, Florida, this radiant singer and songwriter grew up dividing her time between surfing and playing music. As a teen she started using her popular Instagram account, That Pineapple Girl, to promote her music and share her love for the beach and surfing. In 2015 she debuted with the beach-friendly single “Pacific Blue” and featured on “After Midnight” by KLYMVX in 2017.

With a fresh, sunlit acoustic guitar and her effervescent vocals, her cheery new single sounds like the first sip of a tropical cocktail on a sweltering beach. Smooth, laid-back and basking in golden sunshine, it’s the added infectious rhythm and her contemporary, luminous voice that surfs over the sonic swells and make this sunny tune a sparkling summertime jam that your ears will keep running back to.

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