In The Spotlight

Claire Ridgely – “Can We Be Friends?”

Orginally from Northern Virginia, USA, but now based in Montreal, Canada, this eclectic singer and songwriter has had her voice featured on many DJ projects of the likes of Said The Sky, Pat Lok and Robotaki. She took to the stage with the latter at Osheaga in 2019. Also focussing her creative energy on a solo career, she debuted her catchy indie-pop sound on her 2018 single “Days Under The Sun”.

Employing the healing power of music, her new single highlights a traumatic experience from her childhood. In order to balance the heavy subject, she dipped her story in an infectious, danceable groove. With a funky rhythm, authentic, poptastic vocals and a touch of neon disco violins, this effortlessly blends her honest, inspirational storytelling with a vibrant, upbeat and foot-tappin’ tune.

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