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Honeyboys – “Grapevine”

Hailing from San Luis Obispo under the Californian sun, these five musicians push the genre boundaries. The band got started in the fall of 2019 by vocalist Ari Eisenberg and guitarist Reese Gardner, both of which were breathing music from a young age. And with the addition of Matt Sato, Grady Gallagher and Erin O’Rourke completing the lineup, they debuted with “I Just wanna Know” early 2020.

Highlighting a plethora of different decades and styles, their new single is bursting with vintage auditory wonder. With retro funk and hiphop, 60s psychedelia and West-Coast pop-rock all blending together into an imposing brew, this extravagant sounding jam takes your ears on an unforgettable trip. Intended for some serious movin’ and groovin’, this opulent tune is as bubbly as a Dom Perignon.

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