In The Spotlight

Luke Orlan – “Sideways”

Hailing from London, this singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist grew up surrounded by music, as it runs in the family – he is the cousin of L.A.-based singer/guitarist Ray Goren. He’s worked as a producer and engineer at the legendary Townhouse Studio’s in London and travelled extensively to experience genres from pop to rock. He released his debut “Kaleidoscoping” in 2020.

Getting caught up in everyday life is easy to do, but his new single can help to find the spark to move on and move up. He managed to wrap that positivity in a charming, melodic tune. Slightly touched by 70s ballads, the smooth guitar plucks, mellow rhythm and his velvety vocals all blend together in this earstroking song, that makes you want to move sideways and go better your life.

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