In The Spotlight

Gianna Isabella – “Hypnotize”

Hailing from New Jersey, this singer and songwriter was surrounded by music since childhood. Her grandfather was co-founder of 60s band Spiral Starecase and her mother rose to fame in the 80s as Brenda K. Starr. In 2016 she reached the top 10 of American Idol 15. Influenced by jazz legends like Etta James as well as pop divas like Ariana Grande, she released her debut “Nights With You” in 2020.

Instantly compelling by the singular bass plucks, tickling the curiosity, her new single lives up to its irresistible promise of more to come in spades. Mild touches of jazz and Asian influences pop up in this otherwise modern pop and R&B blended jam. With an catchy, mesmerizing beat and vintage violins accompanying her refreshing vocals, this enthralling groove puts you under its tantalizing spell.

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