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Alisa Xayalith – “High Fidelity”

Born in New Zealand as the daughter of Loatian refugees, this singer, songwriter and musician learnt to play guitar and write songs aged 13. She continued her musical path at the Music And Audio Institute of New Zealand, where she formed The Naked & The Famous in 2007. Now based in Los Angeles, she took her first steps outside the band by being a featured artist on Peking Duk’s “Move” in 2020.

Giving lively indie-pop some impressive, cinematic flair, her debut single as a solo artist introduces a luscious, effervescent sound. Starting with an electronic shimmer and her sugary-sweet voice, dripping in romanticism, she leads the track to an elated chorus. With retro-touched synths, driving bass and a pulsating rhythm, this stirring dreamscape views love through a colorful, vintage lens.

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