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Jake Whiskin – “Long Way Home”

Born in Leeds, this British singer and songwriter started playing Sunday League football as a child, but traded it in for going through his dad’s record collection. He taught himself how to play guitar and began writing relatable, melancholic songs. Inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, as well as the Americana of Neil Young and Tom Petty, he released his debut single “Dark Days” in 2019.

Trying to find the balance between extremes such as religion on the one hand and smoking too much weed on the other, his new single is a lyrical rollercoaster. Taken from his self-titled debut album, expected on November 4th, it’s the singing electric guitar and folky rhythm that effortlessly blends a 70s sound with modern production. And with his shimmering vocals, this tune feels like home.

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Music History

Leela James – “Music”

From her album “A Change Is Gonna Come” (2005):

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New Music

DeWolff – “Heart Stopping Kinda Show”

From their upcoming album “Love, Death & In Between”, to be released on 3 February 2023:

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