In The Spotlight

Jade Empress – “Madness”

Hailing from Melbourne, this impressive Australian singer and songwriter is a doctor, who has spent the pandemic working on the frontline. Now turning her attention to a music career, she pours the same passion and strength in her musical endeavors. Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Joni Mitchell and Ella Fitzgerald, she debuted her sumptuous indie-pop sound on “Golden Hours” in 2022.

Chronicling the need to embrace the chaos of daily life, her new single combines a touch of melancholy with emotive, uplifting vibes. Starting with a mellow piano and her hypnotic voice, the song ascends to a soaring, full-bodied chorus. With a flavorful beat, luscious violins and her alluring vocals painting a true picture of the pandemic turmoil, this compelling tune is filled with sheer emotion.

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Music History

Limahl – “Only For Love”

From his album “Don’t Suppose” (1984):

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New Music

Maya Delilah – “Pretty Face”

Expertly blending classic soul, laid-back pop and glorious gospel, this is the new single by Maya Delilah:

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