In The Spotlight

Florence Arman – “Friends”

Born in Austria into a British-Irish family of musicians, this singer and songwriter started learning violin aged 4 and added piano and guitar later. She’s since worked as songwriter for artists like The Kooks, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Filous. Now focusing on a solo career, she’s played various European festivals and supported Dádi Freyr on tour. She debuted with her EP “Out Of The Blue” in 2021.

Singing about the confusing journey when falling in love with a girl for the first time after having dated boys, her new single dips the honest, heartfelt lyrics in an upbeat indie-pop sonic bath. With an infectious drumbeat, crisp guitars and colorful keys inviting you to a bustling dance party, it’s her bubbly, playful vocals as well as the jaunty melody that give this catchy groove an effervescent glow.

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Music History

Howard Jones – “Look Mama”

From his album “Dream Into Action” (1985):

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New Music

Stela Cole – “Bye Bye Blues”

With a punchy pop beat, vibrant tune and funky vibe, this is the new single by songstress Stela Cole:

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