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Lennixx – “Look In My Eyes”

Based in Stockholm and consisting of Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström, this Swedish duo of friends first met at a dance school and discovered a shared interest in music. Initially performing under the name Hanna & Andrea, they debuted with “Always On My Mind” in 2016. Influenced by SZA, Frank Ocean and Amy Winehouse, they debuted their new moniker and R&B blend on their EP “Hapap” in 2018.

Exploring the courage it takes to dive into love and the magical feeling of giving over to it completely, their new single is a delicious, jazz-infused R&B smooth groove. With a mellow percussion, balmy keys and warm guitars shaping a rich, sweltering soundscape, it’s their honey-dipped, harmonious vocals adding a seductive vibe that makes this intoxicating tune sound utterly scrumptious.

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Music History

Hue & Cry – “Looking For Linda”

From their album “Remote” (1989):

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New Music

The Big Moon – “Daydreaming”

From their album “Here Is Everything” (2022):

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