In The Spotlight

Freddie Bailey – “Want You To Want Me”

Hailing from Tamworth, this gifted Australian singer and songwriter has been playing guitar since he was 9. At 14 he started busking during the Tamworth Country Music Festival and since graduated from The Talent Development Project. He’s opened for country acts Fanny Lumsden and The Bushwackers and, in 2022, entered The Voice Australia reaching The Battles. He released his debut “Run” in 2022.

Taking a sonic detour from his original country sound, his new single is a smouldering taste of indie-pop goodness. Singing about being in love with someone, hoping they feel the same, the track starts with mild synths and his heartfelt vocals, before pure passion ignites in the chorus. With a fiery beat and swelling guitars adding a richness to the melody, this intoxicating tune is all you could want.

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