In The Spotlight

Abby Jeanne – “Sage And Cigarettes”

Born in Milwaukee as Abigail Jeanne Gurn-Schlicht, this talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has had a complicated life. Daughter of artful parents, she submerged herself in art, books and 60s pop. She left home at 17 and traveled around Europe and Thailand on a quest to create both visual and musical art. Now based in New York, she released her debut EP “Rebel Love” in 2017.

Written as a reflection of her own experience healing as a traumatized woman in a modern world, her new single takes the classic soul sound and gets her personality stamped all over it. Immediately taking your ears back to the 60s with a mellow electric guitar and mild rhythm, it’s her sensuous vocals that truly capture your heart. And with silky backing voices, this is a sweet slice of neo-soul.

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