In The Spotlight

Patawawa – “What You Want”

This nu-disco trio from Matlock, UK describe their style as “deep-soul-avant-garde-indie-underground-baritone-discofunk” and named themselves after a self-invented name for a breed of dog. Consisting of Rory Lovatt, Sam Wilmot and Beth Garrett, the trio created their sound by combining 60s, 70s and 80s disco, funk and soul and sprinkle it with modern electronic vibes.

The brightly colored neon disco groove certainly glitters on their latest single. It’s an addictive pop/disco blend, which radiates unadulterated fun. Snappy singing strings, ear-catching funky beats, a dazzling 80s-inspired synth bridge and Sam & Beth‘s lustrous harmonies, take the listener on a fun-packed journey from 70s disco/funk to retro 80s electronic yumminess.

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