In The Spotlight

Imaní Scott – “Throwing Glitter”

This Houston native songbird is one of the hottest up and coming singer/songwriters on the music scene today. She first emerged herself in the intricacies of the music industry and honing her craft. Influenced by legends such as Tina Turner, Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah, she created a contemporary sound, merging R&B, pop, hip hop and funk, which still honors her influences.

Her latest single starts with smooth expanding synths, leading to an energetic tune with pop, funk and R&B elements. The rhythmic pulse created by copious bass slaps and potent percussion resonates throughout, while the dazzling synths add a layer of opulence and style. Her velvety, yet zesty, vocals dance over the infectious melody, giving it a polished, glamorous feel.

From her debut album “The Introduction” (2017):

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