In The Spotlight

Cole Lumpkin – “Furious”

It seems like the term multi-talented was invented for this composer, singer and songwriter from New York. He plays piano, organ, synthesizer, percussion, guitar, bass and jawharp. With influences ranging from Frank Zappa to John Mayer, he describes his sound as Prog Pop and Art Deco Rock which is a vibrant fusion of styles, genres and improvisation.

The arrangement on this track is a creative and passionate, highly-organised, musical chaos. It’s a scorching amalgamation of pop, rock, funk and soul all sewn together into one big tapestry of musical genius. With a fiery funky rhythm, opulent organ, a magnificent improvised bridge and blazing brass, it’s a furiously fast and exceedingly infectious auditory marvel.

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Music History

Ready For The World – “Oh Sheila”

From their self-titled debut album (1985):

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New Music

Kesha – “This Is Me”

From the soundtrack of the movie “The Greatest Showman” (2017):

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