In The Spotlight

Blissful – “Find A Way”

Blissful is the new project of this Icelandic duo, consisting of singer/songwriter Svala Kali and producer/songwriter Einar Egils. Also being the founding members of the underground band Steed Lord  enabled them to tour the world and to have their music featured in movies and on TV. Their new brainchild combines their accumulated musical experience with their unique take on electro-pop.

Their latest single takes that electro-pop style and elevates it to new heights. Showing off their impressive songwriting skills, it has a beautiful, atmospheric melody and a catchy, mesmerizing chorus which gives the song an anthemic quality. With a pulsating electronic rhythm, thrilling, melodic synths and Svala’s bewitching vocals, it’s a captivating piece of electro-pop excellence.

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Music History

George Benson – “Inside Love (So Personal)”

From his album “In Your Eyes” (1983):

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New Music

X Ambassadors – “JOYFUL”

From their upcoming album “JOYFUL”, to be released Spring 2018:

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